Worten reduces the price of this Roomba vacuum cleaner with Alexa by € 60

As in the last Christmas, surely this year one of the most repeated gifts on Three Kings Day is a robot vacuum cleaner. And it is that every day more people decide to buy a device of this type to help them in the arduous task of having to clean the floor of the house every day. If you are thinking of giving one, make it your own gift or that of the whole family, now you can take advantage of an excellent offer in Worten for this Roomba 698 robot vacuum cleaner.

There is no doubt that the Roomba family is one of the most popular and in demand, since it has different models that offer high quality and great cleaning results. Specifically, this Roomba 698 is a model equipped with a iAdapt navigation, that uses a complete set of sensors to be able to map and recognize our entire home to go to the last corner.

Remote control from the app and with Alexa

Thanks also to the acoustic sensors with which it is equipped, this robot vacuum cleaner can detect areas where more dirt is concentrated in order to carry out a much more thorough cleaning. And to avoid any type of fall down stairs or other dangers, it also has other sensors that allow it to detect any unevenness in the ground.

robot vacuum cleaner roomba 698 frontal

His slim design makes this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning under some furniture such as sofas or beds, killing even the last dust mop in its wake. To do this, it has a three-phase cleaning system that removes scale, lifts and sucks up all the dirt in its path from hard floors, rugs or carpets.

But this is not all, since there are other functions to highlight of this model, such as that it is one of the robot vacuum cleaners that we can control from the mobile through its own app, being able to program the exact time we want it to clean each day or choosing the cleaning mode at all times. It is also a model compatible with the most used voice assistants, such as the assistant itself. Google and Alexa, so we will be able to make this Roomba clean with a simple voice command.

As far as autonomy is concerned, it is a robot vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning without stopping during 90 minutes. Now, if at any time it detects that it does not have enough battery to finish the tour, it automatically returns to the charging base to later resume cleaning from the exact point where it left off.

Offer for the Roomba 698 robot vacuum cleaner

The sale price at which we find this Roomba 698 robot vacuum cleaner in Worten is 299.99 euros, but thanks to the 20% discount applied to this model, it is possible to buy it now for nothing more than 239.99 euros.

roomba 698 robot vacuum cleaner with charger

The estimated delivery time is only between one and three working days, it includes the costs of free shipping and it is a product in which Worten offers the possibility of making the payment in up to three months without interest.

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