Woman kills 20-year-old to take her baby and buries her in her backyard

A 20-year-old mother of age who was missing along with his 3 month old baby when she was born, she was found dead in a grave that the alleged murderer dug inside her home in the central area of ​​the municipality of Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas.

The police captured the suspect and discovered that the motive was to take the girl, who was rescued safe and sound.

Ariadna Linette “E” and her daughter Ariadna Elizabeth They were reported missing on Monday night by her husband Miguel Benavides, the victim’s mother, and her siblings.

The family explained that a woman was going to give her clothes for her baby and that they both went to see her at her house located in the downtown area of ​​Miguel Alemán.

As night entered and seeing that they did not return, the family asked for help so the police went to the home located at 241 Third Street.

The agents located in the backyard a freshly made grave with the corpse of the young housewife.

They also caught red-handed Rosa Velia “Ch”, for which he was immediately prey.

The detainee agreed to have strangled the young mother with the intention of keeping the girl.

In the same house they located the baby and with the help of the doctors they ruled out any damage. For the moment Rosa Velia “Ch” was at the hands of the authorities.


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