Woman brings food to her husband and finds him hugging his friend

Tijuana.- Through social networks, the image that a woman took when she brought food to her husband and found it became viral “hugged” his friend in Tijuana.

According to the supposed story, the husband who works in the El Florido store, “was captured in an image that was shared virally on Facebook and Instagram.

The alleged story which was shared on the Holy Milk Facebook page, mentions that the woman was going to leave food to her husband in the store but found him with a partner in a dubious position.

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People commented on the post and have made their assumptions, including that the husband is unfaithful to the wife with his friend.

Wife finds him red-handed and red-handed. #TIJUANA a woman found her husband in the warehouse of the Florido store. Ahhh how cheap! In a very suspicious situation with his butcher companion while she was going to leave him lunch, he told her that he only I was giving him the Christmas hug but she distrusts and wants to ask for her opinion. “Says the publication.

The publication went viral on social networks / Photo: Facebook

However, the two men are seen dressed in a kind of navy blue dressing gown in a warehouse, where one of them have their face on their neck on the other as if he was giving his partner a kiss and has him by the waist.

It should be noted that so far it is unknown if the story is true, but social media users commented on the post and had a blast.

“I think I caught him off guard when he hugged him and he was falling, so he had to hold him tight and that was when they took their picture, nothing is what you seem to hear!”, Commented a user.

“There are people who prefer back hugs, I don’t see how dramatic it is.”

What’s up with that lady’s insecurities… Compasses give each other that kind of hugs without any problem, what’s more, real men give each other kisses as a compass, if it is three better … Up, the compas! “.

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