Without a single evidence or witness, José Manuel “N” was linked to the process: Defense

The criminal lawyer, Jorge Reyes Peralta, affirmed that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) did not present a single evidence or witness against José Manuel “N” and despite this the control judge, Francisco Reyes Contreras, linked him to the process with Informal preventive detention for qualified homicide.

This Tuesday, at the conclusion of the initial hearing after 25 hours, the control judge decided to imprison whoever was technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic until the moment of his arrest, also granting 3 months of complementary investigation.

However, Reyes Peralta criticized that the Prosecutor’s Office proceeded against his client solely on conjecture.

“The Prosecutor’s Office does not have a single evidence or complaint against the teacher; He doesn’t have a single witness who says he told me to plan the murder; he didn’t plan it, he didn’t have anyone killed; the Prosecutor’s Office does not have a single piece of evidence.

“The judge echoes the Prosecutor’s Office because under a conjecture, which is called circumstantial evidence, with that reason he has linked it,” he criticized.

He added that after the initial hearing was resumed, the Prosecutor’s Office did not present a single witness and on the part of José Manuel “N”, 2 witnesses appeared, being the state leader of MC, Sergio Gil and Froilán Ramírez Lara, representative of Movimiento Ciudadano before OPLE, as well as 2 experts.

He added that José Manuel “N” requires medication because he has just undergone a medical intervention, hence he did not rule out that his precautionary measure may vary and even be transferred to another Social Readaptation Center, which will be determined by the Secretary of Security Public

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