Will Anel Noreña rest with the remains of José José ?: family breaks the silence

Anel Noreña, the former model and actress who was the wife of Jose jose “The Prince of Song”, wishes to be buried next to the singer when she stops breathing in this world.

Regarding this request, Malicha Ortiz, cousin of the interpreter who owns the lot of the French Pantheon where are the remains of the musical idol.

In an interview with Ventaneando, the artist’s relative expressed that she agrees to comply with the will of her cousin’s ex-wife, since she is recognized as the true political “cousin”.

This position is contrasted with Sara Salazar, who was the last sentimental partner of Jose jose. It should be remembered that he lived with her in Miami and together they procreated Sarita Sosa Salazar.

Anel will be able to rest with José José when some problems are fixed

Even if Anel Noreña Currently in good health and not in danger of death, Malicha Ortiz is ready to fulfill the last wish of her life.

That lies in letting her rest next to “The Prince of Song”, with whom she was married from 1976 to 1992; Unfortunately, their relationship ended badly.

Jose jose He even made public his animosity towards the mother of his first two children, Marysol and José Joel, but this will not prevent them from being put to rest in company.

“When my brother was still alive, I talked to him [sobre enterrar a Anel junto a José José] and he said, ‘yes, because I don’t recognize another cousin other than Anel. If she wants to stay there, she stays there. ‘ We are just fixing the papers because my nephew also died, and he was the one who was the owner of perpetuity, so we are all mobilizing to fix that, “said Malicha Ortiz.

You will be able to view the statement about Anel and his desire to rest eternally with José José in the following video, by clicking on the minute 13:00.

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