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In addition to sharing a passion for acting, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence had the same stalker texting them. Check out what W Magazine was told a few years ago.

For years, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence have exemplified the friendship goals that fuel our love for Hollywood (almost as incredible as Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet’s). The recent protagonists of Cruella Y Don’t look up, respectively, They have shown time and again that the chemistry between them is due to the fact that they have many things in common: the same passion for art … and the same stalker!

During an interview for W Magazine in 2018, JLaw and Emma sat down to put together a cardboard cutout of a dinosaur while answering questions like “When was your first kiss?” or “What was your favorite Halloween costume?” However, it was the two of them who brought up the theme of ‘John, The Man with the Orchestra’, as they have baptized their stalker.

Some digital news outlets speculated a split between JLaw and Emma Stone.

“We both had the same stalker, his name was John, the man from the Orchestra,” Lawrence first explained. The nickname that the actresses gave him is not gratuitous, but had been extracted from the “conversations” they had with him, according to the protagonist of La La Land:

The guy must have worked for an agency and had the contact of a lot of actors, so he would text us to say ‘Hi Alex, I’m late for the sound check, can you make sure the orchestra is ready by the time I get there? Let me know if you understand what I said. John ‘, a thing like that

By then, Jennifer and Emma (who by then had already broken up with Andrew Garfield) had not met in person, they only maintained communication by text messages, but never by phone call. After a year of exchanging texts, they agreed to meet at Stone’s house but the doubts came soon: What if it was John Orquestra who had planned the meeting?

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“As I was driving to Emma’s house I thought ‘Oh my gosh, what if it’s John Orchestra?’ So I decided to call her and ask if it was really her.”laughed Jennifer Lawrence, whose best friend shared the fear of imagining that her stalker musical knew her exact address and that she was going to be home alone.

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The actresses, who have been praised for their work in Hollywood, have distanced themselves a bit, according to digital media that speculate about awkward hugs and long faces every time they meet on a red carpet, despite the fact that Stone has repeated over and over again that they love each other and “we care about each other because before actresses we are people.”

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