Wednesday December 29th. Today’s horoscope about health, love and work. Your free daily prediction

If someone gives you advice today, Aries, try to put it into practice. Prepare your list of good resolutions, Taurus, the new year is coming. A chance meeting today, Gemini, can be the start of something very deep. Cut off the gossip behind your back, Cancer, they don’t deserve your friendship. Prepare your home to ring in the new year, Leo, the energy will also be renewed. If today an idea comes to your mind, Virgo, remember it well, it can be a generator of many benefits. Sacrificing yourself for what your boy wants, Libra, is not the solution to anything. Seize the day to reflect, Scorpio, take stock. Put the points above the i’s to all those who take advantage of your good will, Sagittarius, especially your partner. Catch up on certain topics that you are behind in, Capricorn, you have to make it to the New Year unburdened. Visualize as if those themes that excite you were already reality, Aquarius, desire it fervently. If a business is proposed to you, Pisces, try to separate the professional from the friendship.

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