Tiktoker discovers that the man it met through an app was accused of kidnapping

In a short video, a tiktoker shared her shocking experience using a dating app. Shaina kay Cardwell she met a man with whom she made a meeting, but intrigued to learn more about him, she decided to look for his name on Google and she discovered a secret that made her change her mind: she was not going to come out for him under any point of view.

Is that, seeing the results on the Internet, he got the worst of surprises. The man had a criminal case for aggravated kidnapping.

Totally shocked by the information she obtained, the young Nashville native, U.S, decided to share a video on the popular social network recounting his experience: “When I was about to go on a Hinge appointment, I decided to Google the man and saw that he had been arrested for aggravated kidnapping,” he expressed in front of the camera without disguising his horror.

Applications to meet people have become a great boom in recent years and during the pandemic their use increased more than 50%, according to a study carried out by Smartme Analytics, carried out in 2020 after the first quarantine was carried out throughout the world.

However, when using them, individual safety must be ensured because just as there are people who really intend to make appointments To meet new people with good intentions, others use it to commit crimes, backed by the opportunity not to offer accurate data about identity or past, as in this chilling case.

Regarding Shaina’s experience, after making her story, she indicated that upon learning of this police record of who her date would be, which could put her life at risk, she decided not to communicate with this man again and close her social media accounts, so that he does not have the opportunity to speak to you.

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The young influencer decided to share her frightening experience to raise awareness among those who use this type of app or social networks to meet new people, making it clear that it is important to check information prior to making a personal meeting with a person with whom you have had virtual contact.

With 390 thousand visits, the video went viral on TikTok, and in addition to generating a shocking reaction in users to the danger it faced, hundreds of people decided to tell stories similar to the one she went through.

“Please, a guy who begged me to go out with him but I turned him down. I googled later only to find out what it was arrested for attacking a worker in his home”Said one of the women who was reflected in the young woman’s story.

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Then, another user indicated the strategy she has when facing the possibility of generating an encounter with a stranger, seeking to protect her physical integrity: “When my friends or I start talking to a boy, we do all the CBS checks. We are detectives ”.

“I asked a guy directly what would happen if I googled it and he said I wouldn’t like it. Actual allegations of sexual assault”Said another user who, like Shaina, was able to anticipate the danger she faced.

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