This is the Magic V, Honor’s first folding smartphone

This is what Honor’s first folding smartphone looks like, known as Honor Magic V.

Honor is going to be the next brand to jump on the folding mobile bandwagon. Will do it with Honor Magic V, whose launch appears to be imminent according to recent teasers published by the brand itself.

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The most recent has come in the form of video, where the company shows the design of its first folding smartphone in great detail, revealing that it will adopt a format similar to that of mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Honor Magic V

Honor Magic V, design confirmed by the brand.

Double screen and metal chassis in the first folding flagship of Honor

In the video, the brand lets us see some of the most interesting details of the design of its new device. As can be seen, the Honor Magic V will have a “tablet” format capable of transforming into a compact mobile, in the style of the Galaxy Z Fold or the recent OPPO Find N.

Inside, therefore, we find a large folding screen that serves as a link between the two parts of the device chassis, associated by a central hinge.

We also see a outdoor screen that occupies almost the entirety of one of the outer “faces” of the device, with a hole in the upper central part, probably destined to house the front camera.

It is possible to appreciate how the phone chassis is made of some kind of polished metal, and how the hinge allows to keep the device folded without there being hardly a gap between the two parts of the inner screen.

This is how the slow but firm invasion of folding mobiles is being

For now, the brand has not confirmed the date of presentation of its new device, nor has it revealed whether it will be a device aimed exclusively at the Chinese market, or if it will end up reaching the rest of the world. Be that as it may, it is likely that you will not have to wait too long until you can learn new details about this Honor Magic V.

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