They murder the 12-year-old daughter of the mayor of Xoxocotla, Veracruz

The daughter 12-year-old mayor of Xoxocotla, Veracruz, Magdaleno Juárez Pérez, was found dead on the morning of this Tuesday, December 28, state authorities confirmed.

According to local media, the lifeless body of the minor was allegedly found without clothes, with visible blows and signs of sexual abuse

The body of the 12-year-old girl was found in the town of The table, at the height of the San Simón river, in Xoxocotla, a municipality located in the region of the High Mountains of Veracruz.

According to the police report, around 10 in the morning, residents of the area reported the discovery of a vehicle where the body of the minor and a man were found, who had had multiple blows and from whom so far, the authorities have not reported his identity.

The white vehicle with plate TZP-6036, belonging to the state of Puebla, which would be owned by Magdaleno Juárez Pérez.

Officials from the Municipal Police of Xoxocotla Y Soledad atzompa, who confirmed the presence of the body of the daughter of the current mayor Magdaleno Pérez Juárez.

The minor’s remains were transferred to the Zongolica Forensic Medical Service (Semefo); For his part, the injured subject was transferred to the hospital in Tlaquilpa, where he is receiving the necessary medical attention.

The first reports indicated that the minor was abducted in an organized dance by Magdaleno Juárez at the municipal seat with the reason for the fourth and last work report.

Personnel of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Comprehensive Subunit of Procurement of Justice based in Zongolica, detectives of the Accreditable Ministerial Police and Experts in Criminalistics of Orizaba, carried out the corresponding procedures to start the investigations and clarify the case.

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