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CHILI.- The find of a skeleton similar to that of an “alien” has caused great controversy for more than ten years., after affirming that it was a being that comes from a place outside this world.

According to information published by “The Sun US”, in 2003, the treasure hunter, Oscar Muño, found in an abandoned church in a desert mining town called La Noria, in the Atacama desert, Chile, a mummified skeleton of a strange being measuring 15 centimeters.

The skeleton of long, angular skull with sloping eye sockets and ten fewer than normal ribs (12 pairs are normal), it was found inside a leather bag, wrapped in a white cloth tied with a purple ribbon.

At that time, it caused astonishment among scientists, but not for ufologists, who related the finding to alleged evidence of extraterrestrial beings on earth.

Even, in the documentary titled “Sirius,” it was suggested that the mummified skeleton might belong to a member of a tribe of extraterrestrial visitors.

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Does the skeleton belong to an alien?

After the discovery, the experts began an investigation, since many had the idea that it really was an ancient being, but in an analysis of 2012 its age was found to date back to the 1970s, although there was not enough information to determine what it was.

The mystery increased when 8% of DNA was found to be non-human, which sparked speculation that it was an exotic spice, But in 2018, a team of scientists debunked the theory that the being came from outer space.

Tests conducted at Stanford University, San Francisco, and the University of California, found that It was the mummified fetus of a female baby, who had died 40 years ago.

They found several growth-retarding genetic conditions related to dwarfism and other bone disorders, and the skeleton is believed to be that of a premature baby or one who died just after birth.

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Scientists May Find Answers About Dwarfism

Garry nolan, professor of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine, cree that the research might have some clues to help people with bone growth problems or people who have severe fractures.

This research clarifies what has been a very public and sensational story for a long time, and it was made with the desire to bring some humanity to this discussion and dignity to the skeleton. The DNA and images come from remains that were not known to be human when the investigation began. It has been known for a long time that this skeleton was in private hands in Spain, without any accusation of criminal conduct on how it was acquired, “he explained.

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Upon the discovery that the fetus is from a human, Cristina Dorador, from the University of Antofagasta, asked the Chilean government through a medium, to stop the investigation, as they are disrespecting the mother who once buried her baby and who may still be alive.

“We do not know how a girl came to be buried next to the church in the abandoned village. We do not know if she was born alive, but we do know that she was treated with care and love in her last moments., being carefully covered with a white cloth and a purple ribbon. But, What is the fate of the girl from La Noria? A dark drawer somewhere in Europe”, He pointed.

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