These are the most common symptoms of the Omicron variant

One of the challenges we have faced since the beginning of the Covid-19 is to correctly identify the symptom of the virus, this taking into account that there are people who are asymptomatic. Given this, in a study carried out by the ZOE Covid app, the most common symptoms reported by those infected with the Omicron variant.

According to the study the symptoms of Omicron variant are slightly different from previous variants of Covid-19. Explain that symptom They are similar to those of the cold, those infected have a headache, runny nose, sneezing and a sore throat, so they could easily be mistaken for the usual winter colds.

These are the most common symptoms of the Omicron variant

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These are the most common symptoms of the Omicron variant

According to the South African doctor, Angelique Coetzee, who has treated several patients with the Omicron variant, notes that many common colds and viruses cause these symptomBut the type of sore throat found in patients who test positive for the latter variant has been described as “scratchy.”

Patients may feel overly tired, have little energy, and may have a great desire to rest, which disrupts daily activities.

It is well known that the fever of the previous variants had a prolonged effect on patients, but with the current variant only mild body temperature is experienced, which improves on its own.

  • Night sweats and body aches

Sweating at night is one of the symptom More revealing of the new Omicron variant, so keep an eye out for the sweat at night.

  • Dry cough and itchy throat.

As mentioned at the beginning, a dry or scratchy cough is one of the symptom most common that occur when you are a carrier of the Omicron variant.

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