The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 16

This is how the league’s hierarchical order looks after 16 days of activity in the regular season.

Week 16 of the 2021 NFL season had multiple surprises and unexpected changes to the playoff landscape, although thankfully there were no game postponements as teams grapple with a new COVID-19 outbreak.

So it was not necessary to wait a few more days to find out how the NFL Power Rankings after the last day.

The first division champions and the teams qualified for the playoffs are already beginning to accumulate, but also the list of those eliminated is getting longer and longer, however, there are still some divisions that are yet to be defined, and the movements in our weekly hierarchical list as well. reflect.

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After 16 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Green Bay had a victory that set off several alarms because they complicated a game in which they got four interceptions (including the last one that should not have counted) and although they continue to ensure the entire postseason in Lambeau, the rivals that they will see in the playoffs will not leave them with life like the Browns did, they won’t even give them as many Christmas gifts from the QB’s or the officials. –LMV

Kansas City has once again become that team capable of destroying its rivals with an explosive attack or a solid defense and when both units decide to appear in the same game we see results such as the weekend beating of the Steelers. –EC

The Cowboys offense had a dream performance against Washington, but don’t take your eyes off the fact that it happened again from a tremendous defensive performance. The question remains whether the Dallas attack can survive a shootout if the defense goes out on a bad day. –RZ

Sean McVay’s team adjusted at the right time and this is combined with the collapse of the Cardinals – once again – although it would be a mistake to think that they already have the divisional title because of the difficulty of their closing against the Ravens and the 49ers . Their advantage is that they will reach the postseason with games of the level they will see in the playoffs, as opposed to other teams that will face lower-ranking rivals. –LMV

Despite losing streaks and multiple absences due to injuries, COVID-19 and disciplinary action, the Bucs continue to fight closely for the No. 1 seed in the National Conference, they still have two weeks to regain some of their health and become a that threat that we all know can be in the playoffs. –EC

Indianapolis has taken another hit on the table, rising as one of the most fiery teams in the AFC. For those who claim that in the NFL you no longer win by running, it must be aberration to see this Indy team. –RZ

What a way to get rid of the thorn against New England and as a reward they recovered the top of the AL East. Against the Falcons and Jets, both at home, they shouldn’t have a problem, but it won’t be until the last week of the regular season that they can secure the division title and see where they get seeded. –LMV

Mike Vrabel said it more clearly than anyone, “we are not dead yet.” The Titans, who have almost secured the AFC South title, have overcome injuries from star players to continue to beat their rivals, the return of AJ Brown is a great first step, but we are all still waiting to see running back Derrick. Henry to make Tennessee the top candidate in the American Conference. –EC

The Bengals had been through this before – scoring a big-ticket win over the Ravens that catapults them among the favorites in the AFC. It only remains to know if, unlike what happened earlier in the season, they are going to follow up with an unlikely loss like when they succumbed to the Jets. –RZ

They did not suffer consecutive defeats since Week 3 and 4 of this season and that changed the whole panorama as they went from first place in the American Conference to sixth place. After their “bye” week against the Jaguars will come another early playoff match in Miami, one of their most complicated customs and against one of the most fiery teams in the NFL. –LMV

The Cardinals’ downward spiral is about to turn into free fall, something few of us imagined after their 7-0 start. Arizona has two weeks to set the course before the playoffs and the schedule does not favor them with a visit next Sunday to the fiery Cowboys. –EC

A team that started the season at 1-7 has made it into the postseason draw in the AFC, and no one deserves more credit than head coach Brian Flores, not just for the mental work, but also for the way he works. who have overcome the problems of COVID-19. And what about the caliber of the rivals? Well, the Dolphins, like no other team in the NFL, don’t pick their opponents. –RZ

Philadelphia fully retaliated for what had happened before against the Giants and, with the combination of results, they appeared in the playoff bracket. If they can avoid a surprise in Washington, the table will be set for a great contest against the Cowboys in the last week for which both franchises fight, as well as pride. –LMV

After all, the defeat of the Niners last Thursday was not so costly to knock them out of the playoff landscape, yet it is a tough wake-up call for what this team cannot afford at this time of year, which is wasting. a double digit lead in the second half. –EC

Perhaps it was too much to hope that such an injury-stricken team could continue to line up a competitive product from week to week to really think about the postseason. The truth is that the fact that they continue in the fight, despite the number of casualties, is already a triumph for the Ravens. –RZ

It can be understood that the Los Angeles franchise was conditioned by the casualties they had for the weekend’s clash, but falling to a team that had Davis Mills as a quarterback was not even in the plans of the Texans or the teams. with those who still fight the postseason. –LMV

The Raiders’ roller coaster season could still have a happy ending, though for that to happen they need to be what they haven’t been in all of 2021: a consistent team. Las Vegas has a chance of claiming a wild-card ticket in the AFC, but it must win its remaining matches on the schedule, as well as expect a combination of results. It won’t be easy, but they have to get out of the hole they got into. –EC

How much will having delivered a game against the Lions weigh on Minnesota’s bottom line? –RZ

‘Big Ben’ is not the only culprit for what happens in Pittsburgh, but no more signs are needed to understand that next Monday we will see him for the last time in a night game, in addition to following the plot if they will live their first season with a brand loser since 2003. –LMV

The Browns have been one of the biggest disappointments of the season despite having one of the strongest running attacks in the league, to the point that now there are many voices questioning whether Baker Mayfield is really the right man to bring this franchise to earth. fiancee. –EC

The long injured list critically complicated the Saints’ campaign, but under the conditions – and even because of them – it’s hard to understand at times a weekly game plan where a guy like Kenny Stills was just another viewer. Applies for the defeat of “MNF” – RZ

Atlanta cares little that the front quarterback was Tim Boyle and they will take every win this year, but neither can much take away from this low-profile game that is of little use to build toward the 2022 season. –LMV

Drew Lock showed some positives, but he also made it clear that this is not the future for the Broncos. Denver will once again enter the offseason with a clear need to find a suitable quarterback for the franchise, because unfortunately neither is Teddy Bridgewater. –EC

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to someone is being rewarded despite mediocre effort, and that’s the case with Washington, whose divisional title last year created a mirage for the club. Plain and simple, it’s not a good football team. –RZ

A Super Bowl-winning quarterback led them to a victory in Seattle. That sounds like a great story, doesn’t it? The “problem” is that he is third on the roster and may invite more than one to think if they did not have a better opportunity with him early in the season than with Andy Dalton. Anything else against Matt Nagy? –LMV

Officially, the Seahawks season came to an end, although we had known that for a few weeks. Seattle has nothing to fight for this year and it is time to decide which players will return for 2022, although the biggest story will undoubtedly be if we will see Russell Wilson’s last two games in a Seahawks uniform. –EC

The Jets suffer from their win over the Jaguars in terms of draft positioning, but it’s by no means a negative. The New York franchise played with greater intensity and focus for longer, and those are the little blocks on which to aspire to build a winner. –RZ

Finally, maybe Houston will be able to celebrate something at the end of the season because definitely his triumph against the Chargers, despite the circumstances, will compete for the “Surprise of the Year” in the NFL. –LMV

The Panthers face serious problems at the quarterback position, Cam Newton is not the answer for the Panthers and Sam Darnold, who has a contract until 2022, is far from being the fan favorite. There is very little to build on in Carolina, including running back Christian McCaffrey, who has played just 10 games in the past two seasons due to injuries. –EC

Detroit is in a very familiar position: looking to the season ahead and getting excited for young players on whom the future of the franchise will be wagered. This year’s litter includes Penei Sewell and Amon-Ra St. Brown. –RZ

This week there were reports that they will give a new vote of confidence to Joe Judge and Daniel Jones for the 2022 season. You may agree with the decision regarding your head coach, but not with that of your quarterback. However, in the past, patience has paid big dividends for the franchise. –LMV

The Jaguars have been a disaster this season and the only redeemable thing has been rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who needs more weapons around him to compete in the future or Jacksonville will remain doomed to pick at the top of the draft for years to come. . –EC

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)

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