The Government of Ecuador keeps the Armed Forces in prisons after announcing the end of the state of prison exception


Dec 28, 2021 22:12 GMT

During the visit of the Minister of Government to a penitentiary, the prisoners made a claim that raised an early security alert.

The Government of Ecuador announced this Tuesday that the state of exception has ended in prisons but has decided to maintain the military presence to exercise control tasks.

The Minister of Government, Alexandra Vela Puga, confirmed the end of the measure after taking a tour of the Litoral de Guayaquil Penitentiary, a place that at the end of September was the focus of a riot that ended in a massacre and left more than 100 inmates murdered. .

“Today we toured the Litoral Penitentiary to verify that order is maintained. The State of Exception ends, and following the legal regime, the Ecuadorian Police with the support of the Armed Forces will remain exercising control in all prisons in the country, “Vela said on Twitter.

Upon leaving the tour, the minister assured the local media that the measure has served to restore order in prisons, although he acknowledged that there is still work to be done. In addition, he said that the military will do their work “outside the limits indicated by the prison director” and based on what the law dictates.

“There have been no disturbances”

Candle also cleared two events happened during the day, one of them related to a security alert inside the prison he visited and another related to a violent death in another prison.

Regarding the alert, he said that it was not a riot but a claim from the prisoners. “There have been no disturbances, there has been a claim for food income and that claim has been resolved.”

Regarding the violent death, the minister indicated that the event was recorded in the morning in the Regional 8 jail in Guayaquil. “That violent death is being processed according to the law to find out what happened.”

The state of exception in Ecuadorian prisons was imposed at the national level at the end of September by the president, Guillermo Lasso, just one day after the massacre. Then, in November, the government extended the measure for another 30 days.

Lasso had declared a state of emergency in the prison system in July following several violent episodes in prisons. The bloodiest situation was experienced in February, when a simultaneous riot occurred in three prisons in Ecuador 79 inmates died.

According to local media, there are more than 320 deprived of liberty who have been murdered in 2021, a figure that only reflects the four massacres registered in different prisons in the country.

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