‘Televisa controls the FMF’; Santiago Baños against owners of America

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Never spit up. Now what Santiago Banos is he “public enemy number one” of the fans of America for his questioned management as sports president, for the lack of titles in three years and what they consider a “lousy selection” of signings in the recent past, on Twitter they found a compromising message.

This Tuesday the label was a trend #OutBathrooms and among the thousands of comments demanding the resignation or dismissal of the manager, one user discovered a tweet by Santiago Baños from 2011 in which he harshly criticized Televisa and he speaks publicly of his brazen interference in the decisions of Mexican soccer.

East message is from 2011 as a response to the renowned sports journalist Grant Wahl, who at that time published: “The reader @soccerfede tells me that in Mexico, Televisa and TV Azteca will interrupt the games for a minute to put commercials. Is it true?”

Faced with the questioning of the communicator, Santiago Baños posted a tweet that ten years away is still on your profile and that your employers have probably never seen: “Grant, you should see how things work in Mexico. The Mexican Soccer Federation is 100% controlled by Televisa, even the president is on the payroll.”.

Who was the president of the FMF in 2011?

To put “name and surname” to the assertion of the current director of America, at that time the president of Femexfut was Justino Compeán and Decio de María Serrano was his right hand. And if you wonder what Santiago Baños was doing in 2011, he was already on Miguel Herrera’s coaching staff as one of his assistants.

Outside Bathrooms. Why are they asking to leave America?

In social networks, a large group of American fans dissatisfied with the management of Santiago Baños as sports president. In addition to the fact that the team has put aside the historical policy of transfers of great renown and millionaires, now they are betting on a much smaller budget, but that does not matter much to the fans who demand the departure of specific elements such as Emanuel Aguilera, Bruno Valdez and Roger Martínez, to name a few.

America transfers for 2022

So far there is two hires from Club América to face the new football semester and both play as midfielders, although with different virtues. The first to be announced went to Diego Valdes, Chilean from Santos Laguna; then they welcomed Jonathan dos Santos, Mexican national team that played in the LA Galaxy of the MLS.

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