She ended up in a wheelchair: After leaving TV Azteca and Televisa veto, actress withdraws from novels

Mexico City.- A famous soap opera villain, who spent 47 years in the ranks of Televisa, it was banned for 8 years for going to Aztec TV and just quit Come the joy, reappears in the competition with his new job.

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Is about Rocio Banquells, who told how the radical change of profession was after retiring from soap operas and leaving the stage to venture into the politics, well it is currently federal deputy.

In an interview with the morning The sun rises from Television Image, the actress assures that she is looking for the gender equality and a change for Mexico. This is what he said on his way to political foray:

I think it is the first time that there are 250 and 250, there is a true gender equality. It can be shown because ultimately those of us who are there are examples. I consider myself not a politician but a citizen, doing a citizen policy. Here we make the laws, we are a very important artery in this country and we have to walk hand in hand with both women and men. “

And he added: “As a sponge, I am absorbing information and learning because it is a totally new field for me.”

On the other hand, about his relationship with his sister Sylvia Pasquel, who is his half-sister on his father’s side, said that in his house there were never middle ground and he always loved them all equally.

“My dad always raised us to love each other, that’s why we get along so well. Everyone tells me: ‘Are you getting along with Sylvia?’ All my life I have gotten along well with Sylvia, we have always been sisters. ”

The term ‘half-sisters’ was never used at home. (…) We have the same blood, we grew up together, we share many good things, many sadnesses, we support each other, we coexist, we live together “.

Drivers of the morning were not very convinced that he mentioned that “he always learned something new” since they assure that those who reach those positions should already be prepared, as well as users, who criticized his leaving the show because of politics.

She is an excellent singer, but I do have my doubts that she is a deputy out of conviction and not out of personal necessity. ”

In politics, there must be people with a professional career. ”

Shoemaker to his shoes “.

  • His trajectory and difficulties

Banquells began his acting career in Televisa and participated in soap operas like Those who help God in 1973 and Rich people cry too.

Due to her talent, the actress is recognized as one of the most feared villains for her characters in melodramas such as Bianca Vidal, The beast, Beware the angel, When I fall in love Y Wild Heart.

However, in 1996 Rocío tried her luck in the competition Aztec TV and she was the main antagonist of the soap opera I will stop loving you, which cost her to be banned for 8 years from the San Ángel television station, from 1996 to 2004.

Banquells went through quite complicated moments in his life: he Wheelchair for a year due to various health problems and had to be subjected to several surgeries. In addition, she was divorced and was even accused of bank fraud, although she faced the process at liberty.

After all these controversies, it was even rumored that she had been banned from the Program Today for having been in The academy Last year, however, this turned out to be false because they even paid a tribute to him a few months ago.

Now that you are out of Come the joy, where he was a reality show judge I want to sing!, the artist will dedicate one hundred percent to her facet as a politician after being the winner in the elections held in June this year.

Source: Instagram @rociobanquells, Imagen Entertainment YouTube Channel, Azteca América, Hoy Program and Venga la Alegría

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