Rayados and Cruz Azul arm Charly Rodríguez-Luis Romo barter

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

He finished the novel and Carlos Rodríguez and Luis Romo they have new equipment for him Closing 2022 after the exchange they negotiated was cooked Rayados and Cruz Azul to strengthen the midfield and it is a matter of making it official.

Sources within the albiazul club confirmed at Half Time that Charly ended up agreeing to leave the gang After initially he wanted to stay while the board and coaching staff tried to convince him to leave with the Machine.

Luis Romo He had already given the ‘yes’ to sign with the Gang after he was not going to renew with the cement workers and for that reason they decided to negotiate the midfielder, finding a deal that would convince them not to be left without a Mexican as a midfielder with a future.

Charly debuted with Monterrey in 2016 and he was listed as one of the best talents to come out of the quarry in recent years, although coach Javier Aguirre did not like him very much and for this reason they convinced him to leave the institution.

While Romo, 26, had made up his mind not to renew with Cruz Azul thinking of Europe, but finally he will join Rayados facing the start of the Closing 2022.

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