Putin turns on and questions the United States

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he was annoyed in the midst of tensions with U.S regarding that he is preparing an invasion in Ukraine and directly questioned: “¿What if we put missiles in Canada or Mexico? ”.

And it is that the Russian president assured that his country does not have to give guarantees to calm the situation in reference to the possibility that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) extends east.

In that sense, he also expressed that he has several options in case NATO does not comply with his demands for do not expand into Ukraine.

Days ago, the Russian government gave NATO a proposal according to which the alliance would not offer Ukraine or other former Soviet republics membership, and would reverse their military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Putin has asked the West to respond quickly to his demands, warning that Russia is ready to take “adequate technical-military measures“If the West continues its conduct”aggressive“At” the gates of our country. “

When asked, on Russian state television, what Russia’s response would be, Putin assured that it would be a “diverse answer … it will depend on what options our military experts give me.”

The United States and its allies have refused to give Russia the guarantees it demands, pointing out that NATO’s fundamental principle is to give membership to any country that requests it and meets certain conditions. They agreed to start security talks with Russia next month to address their concerns.

Putin said that talks with the United States will take place in Geneva. In parallel, negotiations are also planned between Moscow and NATO and broader discussions are expected under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

In remarks broadcast on Sunday, Putin said Russia filed the demands in hopes of a constructive response from the West.

“We did it not just to see it blocked … but with the purpose of reaching a negotiated diplomatic outcome that would be set in legally binding documents,” Putin said.

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