Promotion of knowledge of Mayan medicine

Ancestral knowledge of traditional Mayan medicine was shared by the protagonists of this practice, Zully Patrón and Leidy Dorantes Cob, at the panel table “Herbs and gifts, healing the garden in oil”, an activity that complies with the strategy of preserving customs and identity Yucatan, reports a statement.

Held at the Great Museum of the Mayan World of Mérida in the framework of its ninth anniversary, the talk was based on the temporary exhibition “Among gifts, trades and knowledge: traditional Mayan medicine”, which is located there and includes biographical boxes of nine doctors of this nature, with different tasks.

Before the head of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta), Loreto Villanueva Trujillo, the participants, moderated by the curator of the exhibition, Judith Alanis Figueroa, agreed that these intangible assets should be preserved and disseminated so that citizens can meet them.


“Diseases are emotional imbalances and plants restore a person’s body,” said Zully, who runs a botanical garden in his native Izamal. He explained that he acquired from his great-grandfather the gift of curing diseases with herbalism.

“Body, mind and spirit should be in harmony with nature, it is the key to well-being; it is through my dreams that I know what those who consult me ​​need, a higher power lets me know how I am going to help her, “he said.

Dorantes Cob, who is also a priestess of Yaxcabá, shared that spiritual contact is also essential for her, since it allows her to know the type of herbs that are ideal for the sufferer, while providing personalized attention.

Among the diseases that occur the most are colitis, gastritis and currently Covid-19. In that sense, the earth, air and spirit are important for a better understanding and conscience, he explained.


The izamaleña said that diabetes represents a large part of the cases she attends as well as diet; That is why her consultations are comprehensive and she listens.

The stress of consumerism is another situation that affects humanity, he said.

The talk was attended by the head of Museums and Heritage of the Sedeculta, Ana Méndez Patterson, and the technical directors of the headquarters, Irak Greene Marrufo, and of Heritage, Abraham Guerrero Escobar.

Talk Plants

Traditional Mayan herbal medicine was the subject of a panel table.


Previously, the public made a thematic tour in the exhibition “The voice of the Mayans through time”, which can be visited in the same place, and was able to learn about the writing and glyphs of that civilization, as well as its contemporary stage.

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