Perfect legs: Carmen Villalobos shows all her beauty on Instagram

Carmen Villalobos took advantage of this end of the year to carry out a fun round trip of questions and answers with her fans. The 38-year-old Colombian actress answered the questions of her followers on the social network TikTok and in the company of her mother.

Carmen Villalobos hung up, several hours ago, three pics on his Instagram profile that unleashed all the sighs of his virtual fans. In them you can see the American blonde doing a mischievous photo session leaning on a large window of a tall building. The blonde wore a blue bathing minidress and her hair collected and a subtle make up.

“First TikTok with my mom, we had no idea about the questions! They do not know what we have laughed at. Are you trying to do it? ” chose the message to accompany her posting on the aforementioned platform of Chinese origin the beautiful Carmen.

Carmen posing in profile. Source: Instagram Carmen Villalobos

The beauty Villalobos got hundreds of messages from his followers. “How beautiful are you, or Carmen, may you be well, God bless you, always take good care of yourselves, greetings to all,” “You are my favorite actress, is there a new season in the series the end of paradise?” and “God bless you and many blessings to your families” are some of the most notorious comments from your audience.

Carmen reclining in an armchair. Source: Instagram Carmen Villalobos

This post received a cataract of likes, immediately surpassing eighty-eight thousand three hundred hearts on Instagram, the popular platform owned by Facebook. “When BEING STRONG is your only option! Always looking forward and smiling, because if you know who you are, you have nothing to prove M&H ”was the thoughtful caption that accompanied the images chosen by Sebastián Caicedo’s wife.

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