Pedro Castillo, president of Peru, is investigated for military promotions

Peter Castle, President of Peru, is investigated for promotions military, while the opposition seeks his removal. Photo: Reuters.

Peter Castle, President of Peru, is investigated by the Attorney General’s Office, due to alleged pressure to promote officers military related to his Government, while the legislative opposition insists on a process of dismissal for “moral incapacity.”

In a press release published on social networks, the Public Prosecutor’s Office Peru explained that Pedro Castle was interviewed at 11:00 am at the Government Palace, to obtain a “testimonial statement from the president” in the preliminary inquiry into promotions military.

Promotions military

According to the opposition, the former ministers involved in the pressure were:

Both resigned and are being investigated to determine whether they incurred in “the commission of crimes of abuse of authority and illegal sponsorship” in Peru. The case became known when Pedro Castle he removed by surprise José Vizcarra, chief of the Army, and Jorge Chaparro, chief of the Air Force.

The military They denounced at the beginning of November that they were dismissed from their positions for refusing to promote colleagues, supposedly recommended by Pedro Castle, who affirms that privileged sectors and economic groups of Peru they want to remove him from power.

Peter Castle in Peru

  • Congress would meet next week to decide whether to pass impeachment
  • For this, the Legislative Power requires 52 votes from 130 officials

Promotions military have been the issues with which the opposition of Peru, dominant in Congress, tries to remove Pedro Castle. The president’s popularity has fallen rapidly, having won a close election just last July.

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