Pati Chapoy applies a tremendous April Fools joke that ended in an accident: VIDEO

Since the year nineteen ninety five The “Ventaneando” program was born through the TV Azteca signal, and for 26 years, this has established itself as one of the most famous in television mexican as regards the entertainment industry.

That is why, within Mexico, most people know this Program dedicated to the show, so they in turn know the outstanding journalist who has been in charge of said production, and it is about Pati Chapoy.

The trajectory of Pati Chapoy

Patricia Chapoy Acevedo was born in Mexico City on June 19, 1949; She is a Mexican host of the journalism and show business program “Ventaneando”, broadcast by TV Azteca.

The famous is graduate in journalism, who graduated from the Carlos Septien García School of Journalism in Mexico City; now the famous one has become one of the most important show business in Mexico.

It is under this panorama that it is easy to understand that each controversial comment that the journalist makes soon places itself in the center of the spotlight.

Pati Chapoy confesses practical joke on April Fools’ Day

This Tuesday, December 28, the Day of the Holy Innocents, a date related to the Catholic religion whose history led her to coincide with another holiday that gave rise to the jokes that many persons perform this day.

“Innocent little dove that you let yourself be fooled”, is the phrase that in Mexico people use to laugh at those who fell for the jokes, however, few know why teasing is made during this day, and now related to this date, the entertainment journalist, Pati Chapoy, starred in a new controversy

The host and director of “Ventaneando”, Pati Chapoy, who has established herself in the center of the spotlight, this because during the broadcast of this December 28, the director of this show program confessed what her joke has been the most heavy on the Day of the Innocents.

In this regard, Chapoy confessed that it was at the stage of his career in which he was working on the program “Always on Sunday” when he made a heavy joke on a colleague from the Program, whose chair was removed by Pati Chapoy before he sat down, causing his partner to fall hard to the floor.

Here we show you the video in which Pati Chapoy reveals that she apologized after her practical joke on April Fools’ Day.


April Fools’ Day: Why are jokes made on December 28?

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