Paola Rojas comes to tears after HYPNOSIS in full live program: VIDEO

Usually, Paola Rojas draws the attention of the media due to the complexity of his positions in certain situations of public interest or even because of his developed sense of fashion, since in recent months he has established himself as a kind of guru of life and style, however, in this occasion, the journalist and host became a trend for being hypnotized in one of his shows.

It was during the newscast “Al Aire”, of which he is the headline, where Paola Rojas had Camila Healing as a guest, a therapist who uses clinical hypnosis as a means of mental and even physical healing for people and once they explained all the benefits of this practice, the also host of “Netas Divina” agreed to be hypnotized in front of her audience.

During the talk, The specialist assured that this hypnosis was not an illusion or some other quackeryRather, it is a neuroprogramming process that everyone can access and that has scientific support.

Once the process began, Camila Healing asked Paola Rojas to look for a comfortable posture in which the specialist could relax later asked her to close her eyes and focus on relaxing her body through breathing, Moments later, the therapist began a countdown for Luis Roberto Alves “Zague” ex-partner to enter their own space of peace and connection.

Once the specialist finished her countdown, Paola Rojas’s expression changed completely and she was smiling even with her eyes closed and immediately shed some tears. Immediately, the specialist started a new account to bring her back to reality, but asked her to keep all the good feelings she had experienced and once the journalist opened her eyes, she was extremely relaxed and happy about what she had just experienced.

Finally, the Televisa journalist pointed out that it took her a bit of work to open up to the cameras, but pointed out that she is convinced that self-love, gratitude and joy they are the way to change people’s perception.

Paola Rojas is criticized after being hypnotized

Moments later, Paola Rojas shared some photos of the hypnotherapy she underwent on her social networks, however, its publication divided opinions among his followers because while some thanked him for spreading this alternative for people’s mental health, others assured that this process is nothing more than charlatanism, even some Internet users were very severe and pointed out that these types of actions reduce the credibility of the journalist, who did not respond to these comments.


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