On criticism of Monreal and Dante, “I have no more opinion”: Cuitláhuac

The State is respectful of the Judge’s determination regarding the case of José Manuel “N”, stated Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, stating that he has no opinion on the senators of the republic Ricardo Monreal and Dante Delgado, who have accused their government’s authoritarianism or they promote the disappearance of powers in Veracruz.

During an interview in Xalapa, the president was questioned about Dante Delgado’s threat to investigate abuses in the entity and a possible disappearance of powers.

“Go ahead, I have no problem with it, go ahead whatever they consider. I have no opinion other than what I have said, ”he said.

And it is that this Tuesday it is determined if the Judge links to the process to José Manuel “N” collaborator of Senator Ricardo Monreal, president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, an arrest that caused controversy at the national level.

“I do not have a greater opinion, the one I said in a local media, I maintain the same,” said the state president, referring to the fact that he had already spoken about the issue.

Likewise, the head of the Executive did not issue an opinion on the “differences” he has with Senator Monreal, who has criticized the detention of innocents using the crime of “outrages to authority” in the entity.

“I argued why this article of outrages is found and that it be reviewed if they like it, I have no problem,” he reiterated.

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