“Nobel Prize in Medicine”: Denise Dresser made fun of López-Gatell after minimizing Ómicron variant

Denise Dresser attacked López-Gatell for a message about the Ómicron variant (Photos: Cuartoscuro)
Denise Dresser attacked López-Gatell for a message about the Ómicron variant (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Denise Dresser, writer and scholar, took advantage of the Innocents’ Day to mock the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, with the news of having obtained the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Through her Twitter account, the also columnist He “highlighted” that the jury applauded the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that has been waged in Mexico, as well as its commitment to meet the highest standards required by the scientific community.

López-Gatell wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The jury highlights their contributions to the understanding / combat of COVID19. Too highlights your intellectual honesty and commitment to the highest standards of scientific excellenceDresser wrote.

These statements came after López-Gatell, during the morning press conference on December 28, minimize the impact that the Omicron variant of Coronavirus has had in the countryTherefore, in his opinion, it is the “same epidemic”.

“We insist, it is the same epidemic, this accounting that has been made (…) 42 cases that we have registered makes little sense because the epidemic remains the same. Paying deliberate attention to this element is distracting from the other substantive elements”, Said the health official.

The health official also indicated that they will not vaccinate children under 15 years of age without comorbidities (Photo: EFE / Luis Ramírez)
The health official also pointed out that they will not vaccinate children under 15 years of age without comorbidities (Photo: EFE / Luis Ramírez)

It also warned that Omicron infections will continue to appear, as they continue to do with other variants, as long as the pandemic continues. “As long as it continues to be active anywhere in the world, it will most likely continue to be active in Mexico as well,” he deepened.

These were not the only criticisms launched by Denise Dresser against López Gatell. Hours later he questioned other statements he issued during the “morning” conference on the refusal to vaccinate children under 15 years of age without comorbidities.

We do not consider vaccinating children under 15 years of age, only 15 and over without comorbidity and from 12 to 17 with diseases that are complicated by Covid-19, ″ said the Undersecretary of Health, who also pointed out that the countries that immunize this sector are those that have “surplus” of biologicals.

Given these statements, Dresser exploded against him and wrote: “Countries that do not immunize children is because they have a surplus of stupidity in the government”.

Later he repudiated the Federal Government’s decision to donate 400,800 vaccines and three tons of medical supplies to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

It should be noted that López-Gatell also stressed during the press conference that in the event of a fourth wave of COVID-19 in Mexico, derived from the new variant Omicron, they would present more cases, but fewer hospitalizations.

“Until now, the evidence continues to be what we have commented on from the beginning that this variant was known on November 26: it is a variant that is clearly more transmissible, but it is a variant that produces less severe disease; the proportion of people with serious illness is substantially lower than with the previous variants, including the Delta variant, ”he said from the National Palace.

It also clarified that this probable new wave could be caused by the variant predominant, which at this time continues to be Delta, although it could also already be at the expense of Omicron: “But the COVID epidemic is substantially the same. If that fourth wave were presented at Omicron’s expense, we can see a large number of cases, but a much smaller proportion of hospitalizations of what we have had in the previous waves; mainly due to the effect of vaccination ”, he specified.


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