No claims served: Monreal collaborator stays in prison

The technical secretary of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, José Manuel “N”, ended up being linked to criminal proceedings after a long hearing before a judge, determining that he will remain in preventive detention.

This Tuesday, a control judge issued an unofficial preventive detention for the crime of qualified homicide to whom until the moment of his arrest he served as technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic.

The Prosecutor’s Office linked José Manuel “N” with the murder of the former candidate for mayor of Cazones de Herrera, Remigio Tovar.

The initial hearing began at 3 in the afternoon on Monday, however, it lasted until Tuesday night, after the defense presented witnesses and experts.

The case gained political relevance before the public defense made by senators Ricardo Monreal Ávila and Dante Delgado Rannauro in favor of who until the moment of his arrest served as technical secretary of the Senate.

Allies showed muscle

During the continuation of the initial hearing, during the night of Monday and early Tuesday morning, the witnesses presented by José Manuel “N’s team of lawyers came to testify at the hearing.

In addition, a hundred citizens arrived at the courts aboard 3 tourist-type trucks, who demonstrated to show their support for the Venezuelan politician and academic.

In his speech, the state coordinator of the Citizen Movement, Sergio Gil Rullán, reported that he went as a witness to the Oral Trial Chambers in Pacho Viejo, criticizing that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) had unjustly accused his co-religionist.

“What I want to tell you is that our friend José Manuel did not make the decision about who would be the alternate candidacy, but the National Nominations Commission and it is not a decision that is only made that way,” he said.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, José Manuel “N” influenced the selection of Omar “N” as a substitute candidate for the municipal presidency of Cazones de Herrera after the murder of “René” Tovar, who was the winner of the elections of the June 6th.

However, Omar “N” was arrested and linked to the process for the murder of Remigio Tovar, hence the substitute Miguel Ángel Uribe Toral will assume the municipal presidency of Cazones de Herrera on January 1, 2022, although he will do so under the acronym by MORENA.

The state coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano criticized that the Prosecutor’s Office is acting irregularly and that Miguel Ángel Uribe Tovar has not even summoned to testify, whom he described as a traitor to his voters for his adherence to MORENA.

“This is a very strange case, where he (the alternate candidate Miguel Ángel Uribe Tovar) is not here declaring where everyone else is. He left and is there with those who are in the Government, why will it be like that, if the one who won was Remigio with a brand that fought against the state government, against the federal government and against the same old men who were governing the municipality at that time? ”, he mentioned.

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