Ninel Conde reveals “Something inside me makes me very happy”

A couple of hours ago the beautiful singer Y Mexican actress, Ninel Conde, reveals a photograph in which she wrote the following words: “Something inside me makes me very happy”, a revelation that left everyone with their mouths open.

The news immediately shocked their million followers that they could not believe what they were reading and some wrote in the comments their great amazement at such relationships.

In the photo we can see how the famous She is placing her hands on her belly, looking down at the company of her pet in one of the most comfortable places in her house, right in front of the Christmas tree.

In spite of the fact that he was very noticeable in motion, sure that the complete relationship would be in the second of the photographs, where the unimaginable happened.

It turns out that everything was a plan that I had prepared for this “Day of the Innocents”, seeking to excite his audience but of course I immediately clarify it and it is very sure that he had much, much more fun with the comments that still could not see the second image.

In the second snapshot, he appears holding two bags of chips, joking as if it were made up of them, although of course we know that it does not have even 1 g of fat, we have already seen it before.

Ninel Conde / Instagram

Ninel Conde shared the impressive news on her networks.

We even know that despite all the controversies she has gone through in recent weeks, Ninel conde is in one of her best moments, both on a career and personal level and of course physical, her figure has never been seen as well as it is. now how much.

In fact, on some occasions he has revealed some of his secrets, compression girdles that he uses and that he considers to be a fundamental part of the work he has been doing on his silhouette.

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