Nail Art Decorations: 5 Metallic Manicure Designs to Shine Like a Star on New Years

Do you want to shine like a star this New Year? Then you should definitely try any of these 5 metallic nail decorations what will you manicure look perfect, enviable and very beautiful. To inspire you a little, I leave you a few ideas of the more elegant and cute styles so that you shine a lot in this end of the year eibeginning of 2022.

The metallic nails they are ideal to celebrate any event at night; If you have planned to go to party this New Year or spend it with friends and family, stand out from all with the glitter manicure that will make more than one turn to look at you. The best thing is that you are nail decorations go with everything and you can use them with endless outfits.

Glitter and metallic nails

The silver metallic nails They’re a manicure decor in super trend. With its shine you will look like a real star!

Photo: Instagram @majamarkowicz

Another of the colors of the season and what is one of the favorites in the Nail’s decoration is the blue. Try the metallic nails in this tone and shines like never before!


How about using a glitter nail art? Pink is a great option to look simple but dazzling.

Photo: Instagram @cool_are_nails

Combine two styles: metallic glitter nails. This is a winning option, because it is simple, glamorous and elegant.

Photo: Instagram @bankanails

If you want something sophisticated and eye-catching you can try this French Manicure Style Nail Art Decorations.

Photo: Instagram @michelleclassnails

Which one of these metallic and glitter nail decorations was it your favorite?

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