Nahuel Guzmán tunde to the press in the middle of the Day of the Innocents

Mexico City /

A new controversy looms in the panorama of Nahuel Guzmán, as the goalkeeper of Tigers took advantage that in Mexico April Fools’ Day is celebrated to throw a dart at the press.

It was through his social networks that he Patón Guzman posted an image with a message for his followers:

“Today is the day of the year that the media publishes fake news pretending to be funny, unlike the rest of the year, which they publish fake news being serious“.

Nahuel Guzman has been involved in various controversies in recent weeks, because in the Semifinal against Lion confronted with medical personnel from Nou Camp after he was pushed by a paramedic when he was rushing an injured player out of The beast.

At the end of that match, which meant the elimination of Tigers of the tournament Opening 2021 He was also seen throwing an object towards the rostrum after Miguel Herrera was made of words with emerald followers.

Also in the Final of the Liga MX Women Come in Tigers Y Striped was caught throwing a stuffed animal in the direction of the players of Monterrey while celebrating the title.

The Argentine goalkeeper shortly afterwards he pointed out that the action was not an assault, alluding that he only wanted to be part of the collection of toys to give them away in Christmas.

At the moment Guzman he is training with Tigers preparing the next Closing 2022, where the feline institution will try to get revenge.

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