Monreal regrets the judge’s ruling in Veracruz against José Manuel Del Río

The president of the Senate Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal, expressed that in Veracruz the principles of due process and the presumption of innocence continue to be violated, this after the technical secretary of the Senate Court, José Manuel del Río Virgen, was linked to proceedings for the alleged participation in a homicide.

Through Twitter, Monreal questioned the purpose of the fight in favor of the principles of due process and the presumption of innocence, for which he regretted the actions of the judge and the local authorities in Veracruz in the case of the official.

“We will continue fighting with the persecuted and innocent prisoners,” Monreal sadvirtió.

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José Manuel del Río is linked to the process

After a long hearing of almost 24 hours, the Control Judge, Francisco Reyes Contreras, determined link it to process after finding elements necessary to initiate a lawsuit against him.

The lawyer Jorge Reyes Peralta explained that the judge determined a year of preventive detention and three months of complementary investigation.

The judicial determination does not mean that the Senate official is guilty of the alleged crime of homicide against the candidate of Citizen movement to the mayor of Cazones de Herrera, Remigio “René” Tovar Tovar, but a trial will be initiated to determine responsibilities.

The detainee, close to Senator Ricardo Monreal, is told of the alleged participation in the commission of the crime of intentional homicide to the detriment of Remigio Tovar Tovar, candidate for municipal president of Cazones de Herrera by the Citizen Movement party, on 4 June.

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The arrest of Del Río Virgen intensified the confrontation between the government of the Morenista Cuitláhuac García and Senator Monreal, the latter who led a strong campaign to free six young men detained for the alleged crime of outrages to authority.


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