Miguel Ángel was robbed at the age of 8, he is now 18 and dreams of finding his family | News from Mexico

PUEBLA, Puebla.- Miguel Angel Valencia He has moved social networks with his story and asks for help from them. The now, 18 year old, said that from the age of 8 was stolen in Morelia, Michoacán, and now, as an adult, he dreams of finding his family, which is why he asks internet support.

Miguel Ángel dreams of finding his family again

10 years after the traumatic incident, Miguel, now of legal age, resides in Puebla, as reported by Proceso.

“He wants to know about his biological parents and relatives, since the people who have him do not let him out. He is suffering a lot,” published Stephany PFerman on the page “Disappeared in All Mexico and Far Places in Mexico.”

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With that post, ask for collaboration to find relatives by Miguel Ángel Valencia.

Friends of Morelia, please help us to share in your locality, we want to find the family of this young man who is crying out for help. It helps, since he is suffering a lot ”, the publication reads.

Along with the publication, a photo of the young man was uploaded, in which he is seen sitting in a type of amusement ride. This content was shared last Sunday at 10:43 p.m.

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