Mhoni Seer throws a terrible PREDICTION at Eduin Caz; he gets the letter from the hanged man | VIDEO

Mhoni Seer has released its 2022 predictions for celebrities and apparently no good things are coming for Eduin caz. According to the tarot cards, it will be a complicated year in matters of love for the lead singer of Grupo Firme.

There is no doubt that 2021 has been the year of Firm Group. With their party style, they have conquered not only the world of group music, but they have also broken the barriers in terms of musical tastes, since they have reached the public that until now seemed unattainable for the Mexican regional genre.

With fame comes scandals, and boy Firm Group, especially its vocalist Eduin caz they have experienced it firsthand. The Tijuana native was quick to state that they will no longer perform duets with other artists, which provoked the fury of several colleagues from the regional and group, as it is considered that it was thanks to these duets that Firm Group he got the fame.

One of the most notorious lawsuits was that of Christian nodal with Eduin caz, since the vocalist of “Probably” considered that Firm Group he is not on the list of artists he would like to do a duet with because “he personally doesn’t like their music.” This statement caused Eduin caz published a series of stories attacking Belinda’s boyfriend, in which he claimed to be offended by the words of his fellow artist and contrary to Christian Nodal, he does like his music.

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Recently another scandal burst out for Eduin caz, because a woman published a video where the vocalist of Firm Group in bed; The TikTok user claimed to have had intimate encounters with the singer during his tour of Tijuana. The controversy forced Eduin to give an official statement in which he accepted to have had an affair with the woman, but in 2019. And after accepting the infidelity, he accused the girl of seeking fame and money.

This end of the year 2021, has been very hectic for the personal life of the charismatic vocalist of Grupo Firme.

Mhoni Vidente’s predictions for Eduin Caz in 2022

The most famous fortune teller in Mexico, launched her now traditional predictions for the New Year 2022 and during a video on her YouTube channel, she cast the cards for the entertainment world. This predicted for Eduin Caz in 2022:

“It is not easy for him in the year 2022; has been on the horns of the moon. Envy, anger, hatred, witchcraft and betrayal are upon them. Eduin Caz will drag problems in matters of infidelity and problems of separation from his wife that he will not be able to bear. They are going to be talking about taking time and each one going their own way ”

According to the interpretation of Mhoni Seer, the price of fame and power will have consequences for the personal life of Eduin caz. Could it be that the year 2022 will be bad luck for the lead singer of Grupo Firme? Only time will tell.


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