Memo became a diva, the unusual request that Ochoa makes to renew with América

Guillermo Ochoa has some demands to renew America
Guillermo Ochoa has some demands to renew America

The Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa does not plan to renew with him America and everything is due to the fact that the goalkeeper’s claims would come out of the budget of the azulcrema club despite the affection he has for the Nest.

One of the requests I would have Guillermo Ochoa It is the time of the contract. In an interview for W Deportes, Paco Memo He confessed that he would like to continue 5 more years in the America, but everything will depend on the directive.

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This would be one of the drawbacks for which the America could not close the renewal of Guillermo Ochoa. The salary you earn Paco Memo for the time he pretends to be is another of the tabas that the goalkeeper would put on.

How much does Guillermo Ochoa earn in America?

Guillermo Ochoa is the highest paid Mexican in Liga MX with $ 4.5 million per year, salary that you do not intend to reduce if your renewal is completed. Ochoa analyzes other options, one of them would be the MLS.

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