marked the “The difference” with Juan Gabriel

Vicente Fernández and Juan Gabriel had a history of mutual admiration, but also of continuous friction throughout their artistic career. For a long time, it was planned that they would record something together and even a tour, but no project ever materialized. During several interviews, the Charro de Huentitán joked about his relationship with the Divo de Juárez.

During a conference for his concert for the launch of An Aztec in the Azteca, He was asked how he wanted to be fired when he died and Don Chente replied: “No, I already said goodbye before. I feel the death of Joan, of Juan, but well, nobody is eternal. When I was notified of Joan’s death, I had just had a side-to-side hernia operation and I was waiting for him to eat that day. […] I felt that the ground was sinking because I was waiting for him to eat because he told me, ‘My Chente, well if you can’t come, I’ll go with you tomorrow.’ Imagine how sad the blow was for me ”.

Friends and enemies in music

It is said that in 1971, Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández would meet at the Radio Mil station. However, it was Don Vicente who refused to meet the interpreter, something that greatly annoyed the interpreter de eternal love, which caused that Juan Gabriel never gave him subjects of his authorship.

Even these differences were confirmed years later by Vicente Fernández himself, since in an interview around his 39-year musical career he stated that “he did not like him.”

“Yes, I admit that I do not like him and I am reciprocated, because he does not like me either. I don’t sing like him, I don’t dance like him, and well… I don’t fall like him ”, he recalled that Juan Gabriel suggested that he record an album together.

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In 2010, these differences could be left behind, because in talks there was a tour that both would carry out together, a show that for unknown reasons never materialized.

In 2015, the Mexican charro described Juan Gabriel as a “genius” and accepted that the singer-songwriter would use his voice to record a new version of the song. The difference, song that would be included in his album The duo.

“Juan Gabriel spoke to me and asked me very kindly, if I would allow him to use my voice in his song The difference. He told me that nobody had recorded his song like me, that if I let him use my voice and make a new arrangement for him. That it was not necessary for me to attend the study and I accepted, because I have a lot of confidence in him, since in that aspect he is a genius, “he said.

Doña Cuquita faces the absence of Vicente Fernández with the support of her family

However, there are several rumors that this collaboration was imposed by the label of both artists.

After the surprise death of Divo de Juárez, Don Chente used his social networks to express the deep sadness he felt with the departure of the interpreter.

“How much the departure of Juan Gabriel weighs on me. A great artist and an excellent human being… ”, he wrote on Twitter along with a photo of the musician.


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