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WASHINGTON, DC- As the New Years celebrations approach, the variant omicron it darkens the environment more and more. In U.S, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert on infectious issues, called yesterday to consider “seriously” a mandate of vaccination for national trips. During an interview with MSNBC, Fauci said that “when you impose a vaccination requirement, it is an added incentive for more people to get vaccinated.”

In another interview, with ABC, he warned that due to omicron, “This will get worse before it gets better.”

For his part, President Joe Biden yesterday pledged the federal government’s full support to states facing increases in COVID-19 cases due to omicron, including more tests.

“If you need something, say something, and we will support you in any way we can,” the president said in a regular meeting between his coronavirus response team and 25 leaders of the National Association of Governors.

Biden mentioned his administration’s plan to make 500 million rapid tests available starting next month via a website that has yet to be developed.

Omicron It is a source of concern, but it should not be a source of panic; there have been so many vaccinations and reinforcements, we are not seeing hospitalizations increase as much as they did previously ”, he indicated.

And he assured: “Americans, U.S has progressed. Things are better ”.

However, he added that “while cases are increasing, we still have tens of millions of unvaccinated people and there are hospitals in some places that are going to overflow both in terms of equipment and personnel.”

In Europe, the French government and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were assessing the latest data and the need to reduce record numbers of COVID-19 infections with additional measures to keep people at arm’s length.

In Belgium, purchases were limited to a maximum of two adults, possibly accompanied by children, and cinemas and concert halls were closed, decisions harshly criticized. Even massive celebrations, such as New Year’s fireworks, were canceled. Nightclubs have already closed, and restaurants and bars must close at 11pm.

Similar measures are increasingly being imposed in the UK. Scotland closed its nightclubs on Monday after Northern Ireland and Wales closed on Sunday.

In the Middle East, an Israeli hospital yesterday administered the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine to a test group, as the country considers authorizing the measure for vulnerable populations in a bid to overcome a surge in omicron-driven infections.

The Sheba Medical Center study in Ramat Gan, outside Tel Aviv, “will focus on the efficacy of the vaccine in producing antibodies and safety, to determine whether a fourth vaccine is needed overall,” explained a spokesperson. . The 150 subjects are all part of the medical staff.

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