Man raffles his truck to pay for operation; winner gives it back

Mexico City /

Juan Manuel, an inhabitant of Huimanguillo, Tabasco, organized a raffle whose amount raised would be to pay for medical expenses for cancer treatment. Among the awards was his truck, which was won by a young man named Marco Polo, who decided not to take her away and gave it back as a gift.

The story was released on social networks when Juan Manuel delivered his truck Chevrolet 400 SS to young man. In a video, the man thanked people who bought tickets to cover medical expenses.

“I feel very comfortable, very happy to have life to deliver this award, and we will continue fighting because life goes on and with great courage we will continue fighting,” said Mr. Juan Manuel.

But after he handed over the documents of ownership of the vehicle to the young man, he returned them saying that he better want to give him the truck; gesture that caused Mr. Juan Manuel to cry giving thanks to the winner.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are such beautiful people. There is no doubt that I am very blessed to have friends like you, with such a big heart. Thank you very much indeed, God is going to bless you much more ”, said the Lord.

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