Macky González sends tremendous indirect to Televisa

One of the most beloved competitors of Exatlon Mexico, Macky gonzalez, sent what some consider a tremendous hint to Televisa.

Exatlón México: Between tears, Macky González sends tremendous hint to Televisa
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What was Macky González’s hint to Televisa?

It was during the December 27 broadcast, when MackyThrough tears, she commented that although she has been in other places, such as the sports reality show “Guerreros”, on Televisa, the place where they have made her get her best version and understand that the best athletes are not only the ones who succeed in competitions, but those who conquer the public, is in Exatlón Mexico.

“My legs are shaking as soon as I am getting to the top (…) I think I have to go step by step, but really I will always be very grateful to the place where I started my career, I can go to other places, but this is the place where I belong and it is the place where I have grown the most as a person and as an athlete, so I am very grateful that you have considered me ”, assured Macky González to Antonio Rosique.

It should be remembered that Macky gonzalez achieved fame thanks to his participation in the first season of Exatlon Mexico, where she was crowned as the absolute winner in the women’s branch.

However, although the majority of the public classified her as a talent of Aztec TV, the athlete decided to change companies. That is how he joined the sports reality show “Guerreros”, which was broadcast on Televisa; there she returned to win as captain of the Cobras team.

Later he had a section in the morning Hoy and participated in the first season of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy”; However, such jobs did not catapult her to stardom as Exatlon MexicoSo, with her head held high, she decided to come back this season, and even agreed to be called “the great-grandmother” of the competition.

Exatlón México: Between tears, Macky González sends tremendous hint to Televisa
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“Here they tell me that I am like the great-grandmother of this project and returning to this Exatlón México was very shocking for me because of all the changes it has had in the evolution of the level of competition; So it is an honor for me to be considered to be in this season ”, he assured.

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