La Jornada – Del Río Virgen, a Senate official, is linked to the process

Xalapa. After 25 hours of hearing, a judge linked José Manuel Del Río Virgen, technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic, to the process and gave him a year of preventive pressure, as a precautionary measure. After the State Attorney General’s Office detained him on December 22, for his alleged intellectual participation in the murder of Remigio Tovar Tovar, candidate of the Citizen Movement for the presidency of Cazones de Herrera.

“After 25 hours of hearing, the judge has decided to issue an order to bind José Manuel del Río Virgen to the trial. The judge thinks that José Manuel participated as the mastermind in the murder of Remigio Tovar Tovar, ”said Jorge Reyes Peralta, Del Río’s defense attorney.

The wait for the judge’s decision in the Del Río Virgen case ended shortly after 7:00 p.m. when the lawyer left the Four Oral Trials Chamber.

“The judge echoes the prosecution, where under a conjecture, circumstantial evidence, for that reason he has linked it to the process,” said the lawyer.

Reyes Peralta, who prepared his defense with four defense witnesses: Sergio Gil, leader of the Citizen Movement in Veracruz, Froylán Ramírez Landa, MC’s representative before the local electoral body, and two experts.

The lawyer mentioned that during the hearing it was clear that “the Prosecutor’s Office does not have a single piece of evidence or complaint against Del Río Virgen. He does not have a single witness who says: he told me to go to… ”.

Based on this determination by José Manuel Del Río Virgen, technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic, he will continue in the Pacho Viejo Prison, in Coatepec, where he has been detained since December 22, which the State Attorney General’s Office detained him in Cosamaloapan, Veracruz.

Tense wait

Accumulated the 16 hours of hearing, at 9:00 hours this Tuesday, the judge concluded the hearing, and determined a two-hour recess to issue his resolution. What gave rise to a tense wait for the family and friends of Del Río Virgen who were waiting to know the legal situation of the technical secretary of the Senate.

At 12:45 p.m., the administrative assistant left the court and called the defense attorneys to hear the Judge’s decision. The movement alerted family and friends who were waiting for the determination from the La Mexicana kitchen, and they immediately ran to the door. In line: Oscar Del Río, son of del Río; Sergio Gil, from the Citizen Movement; Luis Carbonell, MC delegate in Veracruz; and Rodolfo Quiroz.

“Politics belongs to politicians, what I want is to have my father at home,” said Oscar Del Río, during the waiting hours.

The family’s waiting hours were lived like this, with a son who from time to time checked the advance of the clock to confirm that the judge met the constitutional deadline to issue his opinion.

“13 minutes, 9 minutes …, I don’t think it will solve with the door open,” he said, every time he checked his cell phone, and turned to see the door of room four, where he still had not entered the lawyers to know the resolution.

1:19 PM, “the door has already been closed, the judge has just entered, three minutes before the deadline is due”; 1:49 PM, “they are already taking a long time”; 1:56 PM, “it would be very rude if I waited until the last moment to link it,” Oscar del Río said to his companions, as a sign of who continues to walk the process on tiptoe.

At 6:00 p.m., a tweet from José Alvarez Máynez, coordinator of the Federal Deputies of MC, alerted the family: “An atrocious injustice has just been consummated against José Manuel Del Río Virgen.”

And at 7:00 p.m., the lawyer Reyes Peralta confirmed the news of involvement in the Del Río Virgen process.

Del Río Virgen was arrested on December 22, in Cosamaloapan, when he was traveling from Oaxaca to the north of the Veracruz state. The Prosecutor’s Office accused him of being the intellectual author of the murder of Remigio Tovar Tovar, candidate of the Citizen Movement for the presidency of Cazones de Herrera.

For this crime, which occurred on July 4, two days before the election day, Omar “N”, Remigio Tovar’s substitute, was initially detained, who would have murdered him to take his place, and one other person.

Del Río Virgen was detained because those arrested for the crime pointed out that he was the intellectual author of the murder. To signal his complicity, they noted that he decided the alternate candidacy.

The defense of the technical secretary of the Senate of the Republic indicated at the time that such affirmations had no basis, “everything is based on a conjecture that he decided the candidacy of the substitute of the murdered candidate, but please José Manuel does not have the attributions nor faculties to decide that ”.

The arrest of Del Río Virgen, a politician close to senators Dante Delgado and Ricardo Monreal, has generated an exchange of allegations towards the government of Veracruz, led by Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, whom they branded as authoritarian, and abuse of authority.

Dante and Monreal even promoted the creation of the Special Commission to investigate cases of abuse of authority and human rights violations committed by the government of Cuitláhuac García Jiménez.

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