Kylian Mbappé’s pumpkins to Tottenham Hotspur

Continually courted by Real Madrid, which is also working on the acquisition of Erling Haaland (21, Borussia Dortmund), Kylian Mbappé (23) has spoken out about his future. The sensational striker, whose bond with Paris Saint-Germain stretches until June 30, 2022, has opened up in CNN on various topics.

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Of course, he has made it clear that he has no intention of heading to Tottenham Hotspur, a request made by actor Tom Holland at the Ballon d’Or ceremony. “I am sure that the ‘Spurs’ will do something good this season with Antonio Conte because he is a great coach. He is good for them, but I don’t think I will play for Tottenham in my life.”, has admitted.

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