José Manuel del Río Virgen is linked to the process – El Financiero

Francisco Reyes, judge in charge of the process legal against José Manuel del Río Virgen, determined that the accused was linked to the process.

After a hearing of more than 16 hours where the Attorney General’s Office and the defense presented their arguments, the decision was made.

The attorneys of From the Virgin River pointed out that all the processes of presentation of evidence were carried out to avoid the process linkage of your client.

“It was a long day with all the defense colleagues, (…) We unburdened and fulfilled the evidentiary purpose in order to establish an order of non-connection to process“Said one of the lawyers.

It should be remembered that days past From the Virgin River He was arrested and accused by the Veracruz authorities of having participated in the murder of René Tovar, candidate for mayor of Cazones.

Different senators and party representatives indicated that the official’s arrest had a political background.

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