José Manuel del Rio. Judge binds the process and dictates preventive detention

A judge linked José Manuel del Río Virgen to the trial, technical secretary of the Senate Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), and issued an informal preventive detention for one year, confirmed the lawyer Jorge Reyes Peralta.

After 27 hours of hearings, the judge also determined three months of complementary research.

The hearing of the technical secretary of the Senate Court began yesterday afternoon and concluded tonight in the oral courtroom of Pacho Viejo, in Coatepec, and will remain in the prison of said locality.

On December 22, the Veracruz Attorney General’s Office reported that the former mayor of Tecolutla and former federal deputy, was arrested for the crime of qualified intentional homicide.

MC blames the governor for a judge’s decision

The coordinator of the Citizen Movement in the Senate, Clemente Castañeda, held the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, responsible for that resolution.

“The atrocities and abuse of power by Governor Cuitláhuac García continued today with the connection to the trial of José Manuel del Río, without evidence and with all the anomalies,” he accused through social networks.

He maintained, however, that The Citizen Movement “will go as far as it will go” against arbitrariness and injustice.

“We are not going to allow Cuitláhuac García to continue using the institutions on a whim. We will go as far as the limit to end arbitrariness and injustices“, he pointed.

Jorge Álvarez Máynez, coordinator of the orange bench in the Chamber of Deputies, spoke in the same vein, pointing out that his party will go to the last consequences in the case of Del Río.

“An atrocious injustice has just been consummated against José Manuel del Río Virgen. We will go to the last consequences ”, he also warned on social networks.

The PAN parliamentary group in the Senate of the Republic stated in turn that the link to the process of José Manuel del Río “shows the low level that the government of Veracruz has reached and the collusion of the State Judicial Power to persecute opponents or those who are uncomfortable with their government ”.

The former deputy is allegedly related to the murder of the mayoral candidate of Cazones de Herrera by Movimiento Ciudadano, René Tovar, a crime for which the elected mayor of that municipality, Omar Ramírez Fuentes, is also imprisoned.

The arrest occurred three days after six youths were released in Xalapa, Veracruz, accused of outrages to authority, a case for which the senator ruled. Ricardo Monreal.

Jorge Reyes Peralta, José Manuel del Río Virgen’s lawyer, indicated that the accused had not come to testify in the case with which he is related and that he was not aware of the arrest warrant.


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