It is urgent to operate hernia to Lucila Mariscal, she is about to explode: representative

Last Saturday, after having tasted the night before a Christmas dinner together with his representative, Elías Cañete, Lucila Mariscal She suffered a fall at her home, for which they had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. The person who notified Cañete was a former Lucila employee who was with her at her house, so they immediately mobilized.

“I found her on the floor, a doctor where she lives said not to move because she had a fracture, they had already called 911, the ambulance arrived very quickly but they wanted to take her to a government hospital and she has a Medical Star for the WALK; in the end we convinced them to take us there ”, said Elías to THE UNIVERSAL.

Already in the hospital, they rectified the possibility of a fracture through studies, but found more problems that must be addressed urgently.

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“On Sunday they made another plate where it was seen that he had no fracture, but it turns out that he also has a fairly developed umbilical hernia and with the fall I think that the hernia came out more, he has to be put on a hip prosthesis because he has totally the right side has been worn away, but right now the priority is to operate on the hernia because the doctor says that it is about to explode and that would be fatal ”.

However, the situation is not as simple as putting her in the operating room and that’s it, because first they have to control their sugar levels, since Mariscal is diabetic and hypertensive, and for all this situation the pressure has shot up.

For a long time and due to hip problems, Lucila relies on two poles to be able to walk. Currently, the actress supports herself with her small pension from ANDA, an organization that is paying for hospital expenses in Medical Star, as well as their royalties from the ANDI and his lifetime exclusivity in Televisa.

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His representative trusted that his levels can stabilize in order to perform his operation and later they will see what the prosthesis will need, although he confesses that this expense is very large and is not covered by the hospital, so they will look for a way to solve it.

Lucila is famous for her character “Lencha”. When the pandemic began they were finishing a season of the Luminaria staging, however, they wanted to start a two-year tour of EU It was canceled due to pandemic issues and now they were planning a new theater project that will have to find a replacement for Lucila due to her health issues, since this recovery will take several months.

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