IPhone 13 users are still waiting for this feature

The iPhone 13 do not have this option in the settings, and nobody knows the official reason.

This 2021 we have seen the arrival of iOS 15, however there are many features promised by Apple that have been delayed to 2022. Options such as the possibility of carrying identity documents on the iPhone or the long-awaited Universal Control, have not yet been launched. Curiously, this function is available on the previous generation iPhone 12.

In the accessibility settings, iPhone 12 users can enable a cancellation option for noise in phone calls. This makes the conversation much better heard, however it is something that not available for iPhone 13 users.

Apple could break some of its big promises of 2021

The iPhone 13, without noise cancellation in calls

This call noise cancellation option allows reduce background noise on calls and it has been available on the iPhone 12 since its launch. However, in the iPhone 13 we have not seen it at any time.

From Reddit a group of users says have contacted Apple support about this error, and they ensure that the company is aware of the failure and that it is working on solving it.

The iPhone 13 has “never” had this option with iOS 15 because it is a bug. I have been talking to Apple support about this. It is a known issue that they are working on without a resolution schedule at this time. This problem also creates problems with echoes in CarPlay when talking between iPhone 13. It is a major flaw that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

This is something that I have been able to verify myself. If you enter Settings> Accessibility> Audio / visualOn the iPhone 12 Pro you will see the Noise Cancellation option, however on the iPhone 13 this option will not appear.

Call noise cancellation

Settings on iPhone 13 and iPhone 12

As we can see, Apple is working on it to provide a solution as soon as possible, but at the moment we do not know when it will be available. It is something very useful, especially when we call using the hands-free.

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