“If you have a sore throat, feel free to get tested”; Twitter user narrates covid experience

The Omicron variant keeps several countries of the world on alert and contagion levels have increased dramatically as days go by.

Miguel Huerta, Professor and researcher at the Jesuit University of Guadalajara, he narrated on his Twitter account the experience of having coronavirus and being one of the possible cases of the Omicron variant.

Miguel says that on December 24 he tested positive for the coronavirus and everything pointed to having the Omicron variant, one of the first cases of this type in Mexico.

The professor suspects that he may have been infected at an outdoor event, although he is not sure.

On the 24th I tested positive for COVID and everything points to the variable Ómicron. Also my fiancee and some friends (all fully vaccinated or boosted). We were infected at an outdoor event, apparently from a person who came from Europe. I’ll tell you about these days, ”Miguel commented on Twitter.

In the thread that Miguel opened, the symptoms he experienced are recounted, all of them very mild compared to the original variant.

He says he did not lose his sense of smell and had little sore throat, as well as a feeling of the flu for the first day.

The sore throat is given by the characteristics of the variant according to some studies. It is important that antigen tests also take a throat sample, to avoid false negatives ”, he comments.

The second day was the worst for Miguel, at this point it was where the hardest symptoms appeared.

The second day was possibly the worst (within the mild of the symptoms) in my case, I had high temperatures (they did not go down even with the medications) but it was something that lasted 12 hours. Most had their worst day on day 2 of symptoms. Some just low-grade fever, ”he wrote.

And, as is known at the moment, the incubation period of the Omicron variant is shorter than the original variant.

By the third day the symptoms decreased considerably, as if it were a small flu.

The third day I just happened to feel a little stuffy. Just like a little flu. But even without medication, the temperature no longer rose. I only took paracetamol and ibuprofen (be careful not to trust the doctors who still give ivermectin) ”, assures Miguel.

After a few days, Miguel claims to feel completely well, although with a bit of fatigue.

Miguel comments that all those infected in his family have the complete covid vaccination scheme and this helps, according to the doctors, to reduce the symptoms.

Miguel ends his Twitter thread inviting everyone to continue taking care of themselves and to have a covid test if they have a little sore throat.


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