Hugh Jackman confirms he has COVID-19 via social media

Hugh jackman disclosed that it tested positive for COVID-19. Photo: AFP.

Hugh jackman He confessed through his social networks that tested positive for COVID-19, although he assured that he is well and that he only has mild symptoms.

The actor posted a video on his Instagram account in which he told his followers that had tested positive for COVID-19 but he confessed that his symptoms were like those of a common cold.

“Hi, good morning, I just wanted you to know from me that I tested positive for COVID this morning. My symptoms are like a cold, I have a sore throat and a little runny nose“Said the famous in the video that currently has more than 890 thousand views.

In the clip where the actor wears a black mask, he clarified that he is fine and that he will do everything to improve as soon as possible.

As soon as authorized, I will return to “The Winter Garden”, the actor expressed that he will not be able to be in the Broadway play “The Music Man”.

As expected thousands of followers wished him a speedy recovery and They sent him multiple words of encouragement.

In the month of April of this year, Hugh jackman He had published on his social networks a series of photographs in which he showed that he had already received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The actor said that Wolverine could not save him from the coronavirus but that the vaccine did have a chance to keep him safe.

The publication had more than a million “likes” and lots of positive comments from his more than 30 million followers on Instagram.

Hugh jackman is an actor recognized for his roles as Wolverine and The Greatest Showman. He was currently participating in the musical The Music Man on Broadway.

Given the situation, the presentations were canceled until January 1, but it is planned that the company will return to the stage of the Winter Garden Theater on January 2.

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