How much does Alexis Vega ask to renew with Chivas?

Alexis Vega, the attacker of Club Guadalajara He does not want to “give his arm to twist” in terms of renewal to continue with the rojiblanca squad, for that reason the most benefited so far is Rayados de Monterrey who has already done a very juicy offer to change the scene and move to the Sultana del Norte for the 2022 Clausura Tournament.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Clausura of the MX League

And it is that the situation is not easy for the Sagradi Herd that wants to reach an agreement with the Gru before half a year can begin to negotiate to go free to another squad, in this case the more interested have been those of La Pandilla, who already have their gaze fixed on the attacker from Guadalajara who simply wants what he considers fair for his services, as he has been the best benchmark of the team in the last tournaments.

How much does Alexis Vega ask to renew with Chivas?

According to information from the Sniper from the daily Récord, Vega wants a significant salary improvement that would imply twice what he currently earns, that is, today the scorer earns a million dollars a year and wants to at least double their perceptions, which has G on the ropesGuadalajara, who sees the agreement as very complicated.

Whereby, Monterrey has sought the gunner’s representative to offer him the amount he asks for and the comfort that with the royals the least thing is going to be needed is money, but everything indicates that Chivas will make one last attempt before Vega leaves without leaving them profit and with the shame “between the legs” of not having been able to keep his best player.

“And here the issue is also the salary that Guadalajara cannot offer, Contrary to what Rayados already put on the table. To renew, the representative of Vega, Alex López, He is asking for twice what the Olympian earns today, that is, today he gets a melon from the gringos a year, so he demands that there be at least two to extend the contract. Do youDo you think the Herd can give it to them? Oranges But Monterrey yes. In fact, they have already ‘probed’ the player and they promise to do so if he leaves with them ”, it was part of what the Franco published.

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