How did you start the lawsuit between brothers and why do you want to take her to jail?

Although it seemed that everything in the family of José José was honey on flakes, apparently between brothers there is an important distance that was evident once the Prince of the song passed away. The fight between José Joel vs. Sara Sosa has given a lot to talk about.

It is known, thanks to the numerous statements between the Sosa Noreña and Sosa Salazar family, that both parties have very specific interests related to the way in which the assets will be distributed; while now it is known that the Miami family has started selling the singer’s belongings.

“Well yes, unfortunately, we found out that he is selling my dad’s suits, that he is selling the records, that he is selling the awards. Let them get to work, for God’s sake! ”José Joel commented very annoyed for the HOY program.

Although on October 2, 2019, Sarita, Marysol and José Joel shared a video confirming the brotherhood and union between them, they took longer to record this message than to start making statements against each other.

Photos by José Joel and Sarita Sosa
Instagram @josejoeloficial / @sari_oficial

José Joel threatens his younger sister, could Sara Sosa go to jail?

The son of José José He has a lawsuit with his younger sister because the young woman allegedly took advantage of her father’s vulnerability to keep him in Miami; the singer’s children who lived in Mexico assured that they were denied visits on numerous occasions.

To death of the interpreter of The sad the rigidity increased, especially because many mentioned that the Sosa Salazar family had hidden the body of José José in order not to pay homage to him in his native country.

What’s more, José Joel has stressed that at all times Sara Salazar’s daughter has sought a way to take advantage of her father’s death.

“This girl does not have the right to be selling, she does not have to be reaching into something that does not correspond to her; We are going to try to get there, to be able to see who sold it to, who has it, if we can get it back. They are items that should be in a museum, “he told the Televisa program.

José Joel says that Sara Sosa could go to jail
Instagram @sari_oficial and @josejoeloficial

Perhaps the strongest statement was related to the fact that he assured that if it was proven that he sold these items “he already has one foot in jail.”

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