High cholesterol: this is the everyday fruit that reduces its levels and you did not know it

Cholesterol is a necessary lipid for the proper functioning of the body, although it is also true that excess LDL, better known as bad cholesterol, could put the life of the person suffering from it at risk because fats clog the arteries and prevent good development of daily activities. In this sense, we tell you about a fruit that should be incorporated into your feeding to avoid problems with this disease and that will also help protect the heart.

The fruit that should be added to the healthy diet is the grape, a natural product common in all regions of the world and which, according to research published in a scientific journal, has important benefits for the Health. Consequently, the grains of the vine are considered a superfood due to their great nutritional value. Your benefits may be reflected in your contribution to reduce the cholesterol and, as a consequence, caring for the heart.

The study, developed by scientists at the University of California, revealed that incorporating grapes into a feeding healthy and balanced will increase the diversity of bacteria in the intestine. In turn, this superfood also reduces cholesterol and bile acids, affecting total cholesterol. Consequently, the consumption of this fruit will also affect the health of the heart, benefiting it indirectly.

The study found that incorporating grapes into a healthy diet will help cholesterol Due to the fact that the fruit has beneficial bacteria and of great relevance for its positive effect that it causes in the metabolism of lipids and glucose, as well as the intestinal lining. In this sense, the scientists determined that a feeding containing these sweet grains will reduce the cholesterol total by 6.1% and LDL cholesterol by 5.9%.

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Consequently, a healthy diet that contains vegetables, some lean meats and fruits, with a predominance of grapes, will help reduce the levels of cholesterol and as a consequence, it will also help the health of the heart. Furthermore, the research revealed that bile acids will also be progressively decreased. At the same time, as in all kinds of articles related to health, physical exercise is also essential to avoid these drastic conditions.

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