“He’s not naco, he’s a liar”; Laura Zapata attacks AMLO and they call her classist

Unlike the president’s supporters Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has called “Morenacos”, Laura Zapata considered that the first president is not “naco”, but a liar.

In an interview with Hérnan Gómez in La Octava, the actress explained that although there are times when the Tabasco does have expressions, in his opinion, “nacas”, he considers him a liar.

“Suddenly when he says’ ah, ya chole ‘, well you say’ And where did this naco come from? And is he my President?”, He exemplified.

However, Zapata, who has been a frequent detractor of the president’s government Lopez Obrador, defined the head of the federal Executive as “a man who is not at all stupid”, but who has divided Mexicans and singled out businessmen.

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And that despite having fought and “fought” to get to the presidency, now he no longer knows what to do in office.

“(The president) fought and fought to get where he is and that he has done many things with 200 pesos in the bag, but now that he has arrived (to the presidency) he does not know why, that now that he has arrived he has divided the Mexicans , that now that he has arrived he has pointed out to the businessmen and that now that he has arrived he is taking money from where he can to buy wills, “he concluded.

However, and as a result of her comments made in the Hernán Gómez program, the actress was harshly criticized on social networks, as users consider that she does not have the “authority” and knowledge to comment on national politics, in addition to qualifying it as class.

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Some compared her with the host Andrea Legarreta, who in 2016 assured on open television that if the price of the dollar rose, it did not affect Mexico, since in the country it was consumed in pesos.

Others complained to Hernán Gómez himself, since he has previously asked that “the level of the debate be raised”, something that, according to the users’ judgment, is not fulfilled by giving Zapata a voice.

Almost unanimously, the comments about the participation of the actress are that they repeat her sayings, in addition to the fact that, they pointed out, she herself acknowledges that President López Obrador “has done many things with 200 pesos.”

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