Health caravans improve the well-being of families

The optimization of resources that is promoted by this state administration favors the operation of programs such as Strengthening of Medical Care, also know as Health Caravans, which will close this 2021 with more than 6,500 preventive and curative actions granted to families residing in various communities.

This strategy, which uses nine utility vehicles to transport medical and nursing brigades to remote and hard-to-reach locations in the five municipalities, in order to provide various interventions to their inhabitants, reinforced its operation with the layout of routes that allow giving greater coverage, said the person in charge of this program, Marisela de la Cruz Osuna.

These actions will be significantly strengthened in 2022 with the incorporation of the latest model trucks that the Mexican government, through INSABI, recently delivered to the Baja California Sur Secretary of Health to give continuity to this program that, by bringing the Health services to rural areas have a positive impact on the quality of life of South Californians and South Californians who live in more vulnerable conditions, he added.

Based on this scheme, in the year that is about to end, more than 2000 consultations were granted to neighbors of the municipal delegation of Los Dolores, in which communities such as Las Tinajitas, Santa María de Toris, San Pedro de la Presa, La Soledad and Corral de Piedra, among many other rancherías, around 80, whose families also benefit from these attentions.

In addition to the general medicine consultation, the staff of this program monitors the growth of healthy children, provides basic vaccines, makes evaluations of chronic patients, provides medication for the control of diseases, carries out health promotion for the prevention of diseases, while promoting basic hygiene measures and healthy distance for the prevention of both the new coronavirus, as well as other respiratory diseases, concluded Cruz Osuna.

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